Residential Energy Efficiency

New windows and insulation can reduce your energy costs up to 60 percent. Get rid of those old, chipped windows that don’t function properly.

No one wants to buy a home with old dingy windows. Install new today and increase your value.

Our windows have become the preferred choice amongst the florida homeowners and local designers with innovative performance and design features. Our windows deliver outstanding outcomes in residential and commercial construction.

A new set of windows can completely change the look of your home to be the envy of every house on the street.

Alongside high performance designer series aluminium windows and doors which deliver commercial sized framing options for greater architectural design scope.

Single Hung (Single-Tilt) Windows

are energy efficient and built with the highest quality vinyl to withstand weathering.

Windows are such an essential part of the home, it’s important to be aware of the different styles available. A single hung window is one of the most common and classic types of windows for your home.

Costs for a Single Hung Window

A single hung window is usually less expensive than the double hung variety. This is because single hung windows need less hardware because only one sash is operable. A single hung window costs anywhere between $100 to $250 and up.

How Long Will Single Hung Window Last?

The durability of your single hung window depends heavily on the type of material used for the frame. While a wooden frame provides a warm, elegant, and natural look for your home, wood is not as durable a material as some other options. A fiberglass single hung window frame can be designed to imitate wood, and this type of frame is still charming and more durable, requiring very little maintenance. A vinyl single hung window frame is another good option, as vinyl also requires little maintenance and may improve insulation for your home.

Repairs and Maintenance

It’s important to clean your single hung window several times a year in order to keep it working properly. Because only one sash can be opened and closed, a single hung window will be slightly more difficult to clean and dust. Additionally, unlike a double hung window, homeowners must clean their single hung windows from the outside in order to fully maintain the window system. While this may not be a problem if your windows are on the ground floor, it may be more difficult if you have a single hung window on any of your home’s upper levels.

Energy Efficiency

A single hung windows is known for being a slightly more energy efficient option than double hung windows. Because only one of the sashes is able to be opened, there are less opportunities for the window to leak heat, causing your home to lose warmth. However, only being able to open one sash limits the amount of ventilation in your house, which may be a problem in warmer months. The type of glass used for your single hung window also determines your window’s overall energy efficiency.

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Reducing and even eliminating electric bills by doing simple energy efficient upgrades.

Everyone goes to the doctor when they are sick, but we all know it’s better if you have regular checkups and catch any issues before they turn into big problems. The same is true with your home. We make “house calls” to give your house the checkup it needs. We offer a new government approved program that provides money to make your home a Healthy Home. Zero down and 100% financing. Call today for your home’s free Health Assessment, before the money runs out.

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